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Speedy cash where you want it, when you want it.

HSX Quick Loans

Urgency in having unpaid bills paid? Regret buying those clothes? Fret not, take up a quick loan for filling in urgent cash needs. Fast approval in 30 minutes. Visit us today to find out more.

Yes, foreigners are eligible for loans

HSX Foreigner Loans

Being in a foreign country does not hinder your chance of approval. We do not discriminate against any nationality, all are welcome! Send more money back home to your loved onces now with our foreigner loans.

Medical or shopping expenses building up? Let our loans sooth your worries.

HSX Personal Loans

Foot whatever critical bill that needs attention be relieved by our loans for individuals needs. Ranging from 5k - 20k, you can get your approval successful fast with HSX Credit speedy processing. Low interest and easy repayments.

Perks and incentives our client receive

Why choose HSX Credit?

  • Loan amounts to suit every urgent need

    HSX offers amounts from reletively low to high. We do an initial analysis on your profile requirement, in order to serve you the correct sized loan.

    Speak with our loan professionals immediately to find out about how to secure one of our products.

  • Customisable Payment Terms

    HSX offers extended, reliable repayment terms, you can count on us to give ethical advise during critical consultations. Pay according to a schedule that is arranged just for you!

    Talk to a loan service staff today about repayments.

  • Constant interest rates

    We do not fluctuate rates according to our preference. We keep interest rates constant, and always make sure our clients are aware of live interest rates before making a commitment.

    Explore our loan solutions today! Speak with a loan advisor.

  • Convenient Payment Options

    Pay your loan back via Cash, Cheque, Fund Transfer and Giro. We make repayment hassle free and convenient for borrowers.

    Borrow from us with confidence! We are governed and licensed to operate.

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Reg No: 53178346D