What is the maximum amount I can loan?
If you are opting for secured loan then you can get as much as you need, but for unsecured loan you can get:
1. If you annual income is less than $20,000, then you can get up to $3000.
2. For a period of 2 months, if you earn more than $20,000 per annum, but less than $30,000.
3. For a period of 4 months, if you earn more than $30,000 per annum, but less than $120,000
4. If you income is more than $120,000 per annum, then you can get a loan of any amount.

How can I know if my loan is approved or not?
You will receive a phone call, email or someone will contact you personally to inform about this. After that you will have to come down to the office and fill some formalities and then you can collect your cash.

What if I cannot visit because of some working hours?
Well, in that case you can contact our office and let us know about your timings. Our consultant will contact you and they will fix a meeting as per your schedule.

Is it possible to get a loan with a bad credit history?
Well, if you are having a bad credit history, then also you are eligible for this because we scrutinize the borrower based on their earning. And if we think that you are eligible, then we will grant you the loan.

Can I reject the loan after getting approval?
Yes you can surely reject your loan even after approval.

Can I know why my loan was rejected?
Lenders follow guidelines for approving a loan, if you are not within their eligibility criteria, then they are having the right to reject your loan without providing a reason for that.

Can I apply for another loan if I have already taken a loan from the same lender?
Yes, you can apply for that, and if the lender thinks that you are eligible for another loan, then they will grant the loan.

How can I repay?
Well, you can reply through cash, or you can opt for paying directly at their bank.

Will there be some charges for pre-payment?
No, there are no such charges; in fact, you will get a rebate from the lender for paying the money before the time.